Christian Living Fellowship
Christian Living Fellowship

Taking temporary families and bringing them to a permanent place.

Taking temporary families and bringing them to a permanent place.
Life Groups Ministries

At Christian Living Fellowship we pray that you will be inspired and propelled forward to do the work of the ministry... making disciples. A church has many functions, and people have a variety of needs and interests. Therefore, many kinds of groups become necessary. The "cell" church allows us to grow while still maintaining the intimacy that members seek. We are striving to create through cell groups a diversity of groups functioning to deepen, expand and share the ministry of the local church.

Our mission statement for Cell Group:

1. Looking Upward - developing a supernatural relationship with God.

2. Connecting Inward - living in continual fellowship with other believers.

3. Reaching Outward - bringing Christ into everyday relationships.

4. Moving Forward - embracing your leadership potential... every member a leader.

Ongoing and upcoming cell small groups:  

Group Topic
Group Leader
Place and Time
Ladies Study
Julia Ganaway  Ph# 208-6331
Tues 6:30 pm 
Men's Meeting
Pastor Bobby Ganaway Ph# 238-2503
1st Mon 6:30 pm 
Youth Rewired
Jean Wadman PH# 537-0524
Wednesday 7pm    





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